Spiritual Freedom

I want to firstly tell you all Happy 4th of July, and I hope you all make it an amazing day. Have fun, and be safe. The 4th of July had my brainwaves flowing today and thinking about our past. Thinking about freedom and where we stand as a country. I will not be going into politics or our current status of freedom in the U.S. but I did want to touch on religious freedoms. More specifically, religious freedoms in which not too long ago hundreds of people were prosecuted and sentenced to death for their beliefs or if they were assumed to be taking part in this religion. Have  you figured it out???

My daughter Adelyn, Oct 2013

My daughter Adelyn, Oct 2013

I am talking about witchcraft, or paganism.  We have come so far since the prosecutions that destroyed many families and even wiped some families along with their entire heritage out of existence. Definitely some dark times those were. So on this 4th of July, yes we celebrate our independence from British authority, which I do celebrate and welcome the freedoms that we have, but I also give gratitude to the universe for the freedoms that my family have to practice our crafts freely and openly without the fears of persecution.

I never really given much thought about the freedoms I have to practice my religion, but I am truly blessed to be living in this day and age. I am very grateful that I did not live in the time period where people were killed just for being different, or having different beliefs, especially now that I have my daughter. So every time I light a candle, or a stick of incense, smudge with sage or cast a spell and have a ritual, I will remind myself of how life once was and how incredibly lucky I am to have the freedom to create magic at will. So on this 4th of July I honor those who fought for our freedom, and I give a moment of silence to those who lost their lives before such a freedom was created. Blessed it be one and all… Have a happy 4th of July.


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