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The lovely thing about Oils & Magic

The Lovely thing about Oils

Merry Meet!  So I’ve been getting questions about Oils: How do I use them?; What type of oils should I use?; Why should I use oils?; What kind of oils are there?Well being a water sign I can tell you the oils are fun!  Everything from massage oils to synthetic oils have a purpose.  There have been two sides to the debate on synthetic oils. Even I, for a time, held a nose up to synthetics.  However once one delves deeper in to magic we come to understand that a lot of what we are doing is through our Will, Feelings, and Consciousness.


Infused Oils with Herbs

Many of us have experienced a memory triggered or thought provoked by a familiar smell or a smell that is intriguing or quite possibly repulsive (trash days in the summer time).  Smell is still a stimulant and in a pinch, synthetic oils can provide much needed sensory stimulation.  Now some synthetic oils maybe a compound that is only suitable for burning in oil burners, which have their purpose as well.  Then you have synthetic oils, like rose oil for example, which maybe a culmination of other floral oils that will bring you as close as possible to the smell of a rose.

Most synthetics are created to cut cost and time. With oils it is always good to get an idea of what ingredients were you used in the oil.  When performing magic we all know that ingredients have place in our spell work and prayers.  It would be quite a predicament to use a synthetic rose oil in a love spell or attraction spell and yet it was made with a component that would banish or send away a lover. We wouldn’t want that to happen.

Personally I enjoy making my own oils by adding a base oil, like jojoba oil, grape seed oil, or coconut oil into a mortar, then add the herbs you are using for a spell, then take the pestle and bruise the herbs and mix it together, then funnel it (herbs and all) into a container.  The longer it sits the more potent the smell (and you may want to use your sense of smell to detect if the mixture has gone ‘off’ if it has sat for too long). This type of oil making is called infusing. You are infusing the oils of the herbs with the base oil. Another way to make oils which is another favorite of mine, however can cost a bit more as you will need a lot more herbs, is to extract the essential oil from the herbs and flowers. You will need a distiller to perform this process, but the outcome is a pure, uncut oil of the herb or flower. Of course if you are using oils a lot, it can be beneficial

rozmaring5Now as for oil use.  There is the dressing of a candle or items to be used if you’d like them to be charged with an intent.  For money draw oil you may want to add a few drops to your charm or dress a candle (because you’re drawing something toward you, you would dab oil in-between your thumb and index/middle fingers, starting at the top, you would make your way to the center of the candle, then you do the same from the bottom to the middle.  Keep in mind the top to middle and bottom to middle are two separate strokes).If using an oil burner and an oil it may represent the joining of the earth element through the oil burner, fire element through flame and water element through oil, which then create the air element through fragrance.  You may also choose to have the oils free standing to represent the water element on an altar, however can also be used as an earth element if it is an uncut essential oil. Even though it is now in liquid form it is still essence of earth.
Oils are a very beautiful part of being a craft worker in my opinion and as you work with oils you are also working with the element of water and all that she/he has to teach through another medium of itself. Oh and one last little tid bit is if you want to charge an oil with a specific intent by all means add an herb or two, even a stone/crystal in the vile or jar you place the oil.  This will emphasize it’s purpose and energy.  Heck you can even make a spell bottle or jar by doing this as well!!Now when applying oils to the skin always apply a small drop and wait for about 5 mins to 10 mins to see if your body has a sensitivity to the oil.  Base oils can range from jojoba oils, coconut oily, grape seed oil, almond oil, etc.  READ THE LABEL, if you didn’t make it yourself!!!! Some oils will say “for incense burner use only” or some will say “may cause irritation”.  Part of working with the water element is about learning more about yourself and connecting on a deeper sub level.  Knowing your bodies sensitivity is important.  Some perfume oils may be for topical use and not to be burned.  Always ask the person distributing the oil or read the label.All of this being said have safe fun.  The fun part about the Craft is experimentation.  There is no right or wrong.  There is only what works and what doesn’t work for you.
     I didn’t go into details about which oils should be used for what purpose as there are many on top of many different uses for oils. This posting was more of an intro on the different ways that you could use oils. There are many book references for oils and of course when you are working a spell, be sure to research what ingredients you will need and this will let you know what oils you will need if any. I have included some books below that are great reference books for a
ll things oil.
                     500 Formulas for Aromatherapy          BCOMINC          BENCESSO
     These books are provided via Divine Spaces, and are currently 15% off, be sure to check them out. Just click on the book you like and it will take you to my store page for that book. Thank you for visiting Spirit Chatter and taking the time to read my thoughts on Oils. If you liked this posting, please indicate that with the “LIKE” button below, also feel free to share my posting via social media links below. Make sure to click them twice to confirm.
Blessed Be with LOVE & LIGHT!!!
Books on oil:


Spiritual Freedom

I want to firstly tell you all Happy 4th of July, and I hope you all make it an amazing day. Have fun, and be safe. The 4th of July had my brainwaves flowing today and thinking about our past. Thinking about freedom and where we stand as a country. I will not be going into politics or our current status of freedom in the U.S. but I did want to touch on religious freedoms. More specifically, religious freedoms in which not too long ago hundreds of people were prosecuted and sentenced to death for their beliefs or if they were assumed to be taking part in this religion. Have  you figured it out???

My daughter Adelyn, Oct 2013

My daughter Adelyn, Oct 2013

I am talking about witchcraft, or paganism.  We have come so far since the prosecutions that destroyed many families and even wiped some families along with their entire heritage out of existence. Definitely some dark times those were. So on this 4th of July, yes we celebrate our independence from British authority, which I do celebrate and welcome the freedoms that we have, but I also give gratitude to the universe for the freedoms that my family have to practice our crafts freely and openly without the fears of persecution.

I never really given much thought about the freedoms I have to practice my religion, but I am truly blessed to be living in this day and age. I am very grateful that I did not live in the time period where people were killed just for being different, or having different beliefs, especially now that I have my daughter. So every time I light a candle, or a stick of incense, smudge with sage or cast a spell and have a ritual, I will remind myself of how life once was and how incredibly lucky I am to have the freedom to create magic at will. So on this 4th of July I honor those who fought for our freedom, and I give a moment of silence to those who lost their lives before such a freedom was created. Blessed it be one and all… Have a happy 4th of July.

Welcome to Spirit Chatter

My name is Brooks Brown and I want to welcome you to my blog, Spirit Chatter.  Spirit Chatter is a spiritual blog for all paths to the Divine. Here we will talk about anything and everything spiritual. I will do blogs on current events & news related to metaphysical and spiritual events, spiritual awakenings and opinions, ritual & spells, Sabbaths and special days throughout the year, a few of my own personal spiritual experiences, and so much more! I am also the founder and owner of Divine Spaces, a retail metaphysical and pagan supply store via online @ Print
I’m an eclectic spiritual practitioner(aka…witch, wizard, warlock, etc…), empath, healer, and medium. I have been practicing pagan teachings and performing rituals for most of my life. I grew up in a large family with many different religious beliefs. Being surrounded by so many religious opinions, I just went with what felt right for myself, growing closer to nature and following the basics of energy manipulation and spiritual devotion. As I mentioned above, I am a medium, however I do not practice this ability professionally. It is actually a trait in learning, and what I mean by that – I have always had this ability as long as I can remember, but I do not have full control over it. I tend to go back and forth across plains involuntarily but am working to get better control so I can do this at will, and not at the most random times. Some of my blog postings will cover this topic a little more in depth as I further research and get a better understanding myself.

I created this blog to provide a gathering spot for those of like minds who are either connected, affected, or interested in all things supernatural and spiritual. This gives me a place to unload my mind as I develop my skills and knowledge while sharing it with others in a nicely grouped and organized fashion which in hopes will be easy to understand. I also want to encourage comments so if you are reading a blog and have info to add to it please feel free to do so. I would also love to hear what you all want to know about, or if you had any questions that I can answer or research and write a posting about it. We are all here as a community so every voice is heard, and every voice is important to me, along with every opinion and every question.

So, that was a small but pretty deep intro as to who  I am, why I am here, and what I will be writing about. As time goes by a little more of myself will be exposed via my blog postings as I dive into the world of the supernatural and all that surrounds me. Oh – and for those of you who have children, don’t venture too far as I am a father myself of a rapidly growing toddler who is starting to express signs of spiritual sensitivity, so I will also be blogging on this subject as well. On this subject I will probably be focused on the signs to look for in a spiritually sensitive child, how to address or approach them, and what it means for your child/children, and for your family. Merry we meet, Merry we part. Thank you for visiting Spirit Chatter.  Love & Light from Divine Spaces Blessed Be with love & light.

The information posted in this blog is replicated from my ABOUT page. I felt it would make a good introduction and first blog. Thanks for visiting.